Everyone has New Year resolution plans and the budding entrepreneurs would be having different plans. There are some important resolution plans for the aspiring entrepreneurs that must be followed.

  • Set a date to aim for your goal and make sure you plan in advance prior to Kickstarter project’s launch with fundstarter zoplay.com/web/fund-starter/ . Learn to manage your time and stay always prepared.
  • Make a note of your goals from your crowdfunding campaign and remind yourself of those goals often.
  • Never forget to do research before you begin your campaign because it could bring a whole lot of difference to your end results. You would also be familiarized with dos and don’ts of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Never ignore your friends or family, always update them with your plans and current works. You could even ask for their feedbacks on your project and improvise your techniques.
  • Do not set a target that is beyond your expectations and there is no shame in aiming for a smaller target. Slowly build up your skills to achieve a target that is of sky limit!
  • Visualize your success and dream for it, but work hard to make it happen. Imagine achieving the impossible and think about the benefits you would produce through your victory, sweet, isn’t it?
  • Set up reminders in your phone, pc or other devices to constantly remind you of your target. In that way, you would be motivated to finish off your assigned task.
  • Choose a realistic goal by setting up a low fund campaign and do not go overboard with your target.
  • Love what you do and do what you love; it is as simple as that. Do not complicate things and make sure you DO NOT target the funds alone.
  • Find a group of people who have got your interests and you can also work with them to know better about your target.

These New Year resolution plans would allow you to produce better results in your crowdfunding campaign. You are good to go now and all the best for your campaign!

A number of startupers have a goal to make their project noticeable, but they don’t know how to do it. Media is the best way to publish your project, so here are some tips on how to link crowdfunding campaigns with media.

Approach Journalists:

Journalists don’t work for your project; they work for their fame and readers. You should not request a journalist to share about your project; instead provide them detailed information regarding your project to help them write an article. Read the full contents clearly before sharing it with the media.

Research before approaching journalists:

You will be asked to come across companies to receive the databases of journalists who publish your an article about the project. This will be a threat for you, as the spreadsheet information provided by them will not be effective.

Be alert before approaching a journalist, instead of sending the press release of your product to someone who covers hacker news.


Bloggers are completely different from journalists, as they don’t earn any salary for their work. They analyze hundreds of press releases to choose what to write and when to publish.

They will not publish your project if you send them a short message, but you have to tell them what they will get in return, for publishing it. It may be cash, a sample of your product or a prize.

Don’t judge a blogger by seeing their posts on their websites or the article they sent to you.

Build relationships on Twitter:

Identify the journalists and bloggers who are active in twitter. Try to understand about their personalities by reading their tweets.

Monitor pitch request:

Get subscribed to HARO where they send pitch requests from various bloggers and journalists. Try to respond them immediately.

Finding a perfect manufacturer will be a hard task for those who don’t have any experience in the field. This decision showcases your ability of delivering the product at the correct time you promised. A right manufacturer will lead you through success, whereas the bad will lead you to disasters.

Here are some tips which shows how to choose a perfect manufacturer for your product and how to fix them for your project

 Domestic or Overseas:

You have to be clear to make the right decision, whether you need a domestic or overseas manufacturer.

Sometimes domestic manufacturers will be more expensive, but we can able to visit them and get updates often. It is also clear that products of domestic manufacturers are of good quality and they do not have any cultural and language barriers. Many choose overseas manufacturers as they are of low cost but they suffer problems like cultural difference, language barriers and delay in shipping.

How to find a manufacturer:

Once if you decided about the kind of manufacturer, then start searching about the companies that satisfies your criteria.

To find out the right manufacturer start discussing with your friends, family and do Google search. Some will not get the right manufacturer for the first time but the wrong manufacturer will lead them in the right path, having an experience.

Minimum order quantity:

It is the issue some creators deal with their manufacturers as some creators like to start a small scale business and don’t have money to pay for larger orders.

The minimum order quantity of a manufacturer depends on the size of the company and the amount of work required for the product completion.

Contact the manufacturers

If you found the right manufacturer, then first of all say about yourself and your product, and then ask them about their order quantity, product prices and related queries.

More than half of the projects on Kickstarter fail miserably, but it’s not the end of the world! You still gain other benefits if you fail to hit the target and you can give it a second try. However, there are many ways to put up your ideas together and achieve a successful campaign.

  • Be confident with what you know and do not ever let others judge you. Only when you are confident and sure of your ideas, you can grab attention from the backers.
  • Social media platform, the root cause for many things that have gone viral could be an important strategy for your campaign. Be active on social media sites and update people with your current works.
  • A kickstarter video plays a key role in a successful campaign, so get creative and crazy with your video to reach out to people. Make it short and thought provoking to make it look appealing and worthy enough.
  • Press coverage is very essential when it comes to kickstarter campaigns, so build relationship with journalists. Create a media page to grab attention from the journalists and soon get ready to confront paparazzi, sarcasm much?
  • Do not ask for money immediately because it may turn off many fund givers. Always make use of your kickstarter page and video to make your story interesting and enthusiastic. Bring in some action, thriller, sentiment, drama and humor to your story.
  • Stay in touch with fund givers or backers and communicate often. Do not ever leave them hanging because they may not invest in your next project. So do not hesitate to build strong relationship with your fund providers.
  • It is always important to introduce your project’s team to the supporters and backers. Keep it personal and make them to invest trust in your campaign.
  • Last but definitely not the least important; be appealing to everyone by introducing some rewards to your supporters!

It is very evident that not all the crowdfunding campaigns succeed, more than half of them fail terribly. But do not lose hope guys; there are many ways to have a successful campaign. Every fundraiser’s favorite word would be “promotion” because it can create an effective impact on the campaign.

You can promote your campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media sites. You can even conduct events like marathon and walkathon to promote your campaign. Blogs can also give the much required reach for your campaign. Here is a small cheat, leave positive comments on the blogs so that readers would reach out to your campaign. Very smart, eh? Stay in touch with important people from press and media, it could help you form a strong foundation for the campaign. Google ads and Facebook ads play a vital role in promoting your campaign.

A campaign may take different shapes during the entire process, do not lose hope if it does not take the desired shape in the initial stage. Be patient because the campaign would pick up the pace in the crucial stage. If you have reached your goal way ahead in the race, then invest those extra funds to the advertising department to fetch you more fame and success. Most importantly, do not lose hope in the midway and cancel the campaign if there is no expected result during the initial stages. You cannot predict the end result in this industry because your campaign may take a better shape even during the critical stages. According to sources, many successful projects show positive results in the very first week.  If your project does not hit the target within the deadline, take it with a positive note and work better for the future projects.

There are scams everywhere and you cannot completely get rid of them. The crowdfunding industry is also affected with these scams and the fraudsters have been setting up traps for many people. If you are an internet addict, you would have noticed many fake crowdfunding website ads with fake customer testimonials and success stories. Do not fall for the obvious trap and use your brain to ignore such scams.  The website would promise to offer promotion to the crowdfunders which is 100 percent fake.Crowdfundings is a fake website that promises to offer better service to its customers. It has pictures of fake clients and team on its website. But do not worry; the website is so fake that even a toddler could identify it’s a scam.  The worst news is that there are people who still fall for such traps and even lose money.

There are many differences between a genuine website and a fake one. You need to keep your eyes open and ofcourse stay wide awake and it is not a huge task to identify the differences as well. Fake websites like Crowdfunding has an account on social media websites like Twitter and has also got millions of followers. There are many applications that let users to buy followers for their profiles. It is also pretty shocking when people blindly trust such websites. Stay smart and do not invest time and money on fake promotional sites, happy crowdfunding guys!